I’m an
designer that moms,
HUSTLES & HASn’t quite
mastered metaphors

pdf creating

A lot of things are delivered via PDF. I can make all those. Logos, business cards, billboards, annual reports, postcards, invitations, handbooks, media kits, flyers, product packaging, brochures, multipage-layouts, children’s books, trade-show booths or your yard sale sign were all PDFs at one time. Let me help.

wordpress customizing

Wordpress Customizing comes in many different forms of maturity with plugins and themes. I can design anything from a personal blog or standard informational site or if you are wanting something bigger or more elaborate, I work with a very capable and intelligent set of programmers who can help me make that happen.

creative problem solving

I don’t like being called “a web designer” or a “graphic designer”. Cause I do more than that. In fact, filing out my occupation on forms is brutal. I am a “CREATIVE” (used as a noun), a professional one. I web design when I need to web design, but I also write, crochet, photograph, photoshop and paint when it is creatively solving a problem.

Duck Soap Box Creative is a
one-woman design shop

I am Crystal Zint-Roznik, the one-woman design shop in Cedar Hill Texas, and I’ve been in the agency/promotions/branding/web design business for over a decade and enjoy working with a variety of clients, big and small. I am very dedicated to helping people bring their dreams to reality and helping SMALL businesses with BIG ideas.


I’m an extroverted influencing (DiSC) ENFP Hufflepuff or generally somebody who takes too many personality tests. I love a good metaphor and giving advice I am not qualified to give. I was born in October and I am 5th generation Texan, both of which I’m strangely proud of. When I am not designing I’m busy as the main “executive handler” of 4 kids (#3LadyRozniks). I have a huge fixation on pie, Mike Rowe, iced coffee and Jesus, but not in that order.

Creative Hours

Let’s chat about your idea and your company.