See the website  This project and client were amazing. Researching and designing a new shopping website was a massive undertaking and I LOVE IT. It was a website roughly 2 years in the making due [...]

Barefeet Photography

Love it when I can use this kind of color in a website and blog. Original photography is always the hardest part with small businesses…unless its a photographer. Visit

Fund It Group

This site is a perfect example of a a site I designed then sent to my programmers to code. There is no use of a predetermined “theme”. Visit

Plano Day School

This has been my most drastic Before and After. Check it out, it turned into the cutest little website. Visit  

Refreshing. This site brought “fun” back to quick Web Design for me, I worked on this site with 2 partners from Good Guys Creative to help concept and write (a writer can make all the [...]

CNT Real Estate

This was a learning curve that I appreciated. I had to learn how to implement live real estate listings with a WordPress plugin. Super neat and fun to add to my portfolio. Visit the site [...]

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