I’m Crystal Zint-Roznik, a one-woman design shop, and I’ve been in the agency/promotions/branding/web design business for the larger part of a decade and enjoy working with a variety of clients, big and small. I LOVE helping. I am very dedicated to helping people bring their dreams to reality and helping small businesses with their own BIG ideas.

PARTNERS: I don’t always do it all alone; I have friends and partners that I turn to for their expertise. A wonderful team of web programmers, SEO experts, videographers, photographers, event planners, a ton of different types of writers and even other designers have helped me bring ideas to life.

CLIENTS: I have worked on a wide array of different clients including authors, doctors, blue collar workers, a cheese-puff eating cheetah, big corporate CEOs, real estate agents, school superintendents, chefs, contractors, teachers, cheerleaders, truckers, zombies, welders, dentists and many more. And I’ve learned a lot in the process.

PERSONALLY, I’m an extroverted “yellow” ENFP Influencing (DiSC) Hufflepuff or generally somebody who takes too many personality tests. I was born in October and I’m 5th generation Texas (both of which I’m strangely proud of). When I am not designing I’m busy as the main “executive handler” of three lady children and “the” new brother (#3LadyRozniks). I have a huge fixation on pie, Mike Rowe, iced coffee and Jesus, but not in that order.

QUALIFICATIONS: I have a 2008 Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Communication Design from the University of North Texas. Since then I’ve worked in promotions, advertising, branding, and web design for several agencies and a many other small independent businesses and entrepreneurs. I am a black-belt in most Adobe programs including Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.